Sabrina Mauricio, Design Assistant

Sabrina Mauricio is a student in the Visual Art Department at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. She is currently in her fourth year of studying Art History and Culture as well as 3D Art (also known as Sculpture), and her second year of Photography. She is surrounded by an excellent staff of teachers and has grown tremendously in her talent while attending DA. As an elementary student, Sabrina created several award-winning art pieces in both 2D and 3D art. She carries a sketchbook with her regularly to capture ideas quickly. Her goal is to become a game designer and design her own interactive games.

At Mauricio Design, Sabrina is both student and assistant. Her design skills are regularly put to the test as she is called upon for ideas, feedback, and research. She is learning the software of the trade and the business aspect of handling projects and communicating with clients. She is friendly, creative, and very bright.


Sabrina Mauricio

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