Michelle Mauricio, Creative Director

Michelle Eggers Mauricio is a Jacksonville native and creative artist, professionally developing her gift of design for more than 20 years.

Her approach to design is a bit different than most designers. After meeting with her clients by phone, email, or in person, Michelle makes the design focus of each new project a matter of prayer as the first order of business. Once a design direction has been established, her philosophy is to convey the heart of her clients as simply and professionally as possible.

Michelle believes that because every person has a God given purpose, everything they do should be toward that end. For this reason, she approaches each new project with energy and creativity, partnering with her clients to make every part of their project effectual toward their own purpose. In other words, Michelle takes her work seriously, not herself.

In 1998, Michelle established Michelle Eggers Art & Design and begin working at home as a freelance Graphic Designer. Since 2005, Michelle has served as Creative Director at Calvary Worship Center and was on staff full time with them until 2011. While she still serves as Creative Director for CWC, she is now once again freelance and available to do a variety of projects at once, from printing design, site design, presentations, videos, sets and scenic, as well as creative writing.

Even at the age of three, Michelle began creating award-winning artwork. In high school, she also won awards for her illustrations. Her drawings and paintings have been displayed in the Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art, and featured in shows such as ArtsMania at the Jacksonville Landing. She has been a National Finalist and won Best In Show in Regional competition.

Michelle has been employed since 1993 as a Graphic Designer, creating for such companies as world renowned animatronics firm Sally Corporation, Daytona Beach based Couchman Printing Company, and Jacksonville design firm and printing business Lithographic Services. Her experience includes designing and pre-press for single to full color offset printing and silkscreening, photo manipulation, vinyl graphics, signage, and of course, website design and development.

In the theatre, Michelle has also had experience with set design and scenic art, as well as lighting design and operation. She is very curious and ambitiously pursues all forms of art, including music and writing. Passionate is a modest word in describing her love of the arts, and she intends to incorporate all of them into her work and ministry.

Michelle Mauricio

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