Working With Us

We're glad you're considering Mauricio Design for your next design project. Because your time and understanding is important to us, we wanted to clarify a few details about the design process.

We have done our best through the website to offer a thorough description of services as well as an accurate cost for each. Although most design firms prefer to give clients a written estimate only after meeting to discuss the project, after 20 years of design we have found that most of the quoted projects on our site tend to be about the same amount.

However, there are times that the project goes well beyond the scope of the initial description and the quoted site price must be adjusted. Though these circumstances are rare, if this happens, we will discuss the matter with you before the project goes over the quote. Our clients are usually very happy with our pricing and the end results of the project.

Once the project is discussed, we will begin work after receiving your deposit. We will also need all information, photos, and related items to work from at this time to maximize the success of your project. Further meetings and client's project changes after work has begun could incur more charges (we will make you aware if this is the case). The balance of the initial quote plus any additional costs is due at project delivery.

At Mauricio Design, quality workmanship and exceptional results are the goal of any project. For this reason, we don't offer rush delivery as it limits the effectiveness of your results. Allow us time to work your job into the creative flow, and depending on the project, will usually produce the first proofs about two weeks from when we have received everything from you. If your project must be done on a tighter deadline, it's possible that we can make it work, but contact us as soon as possible to discuss the timeline and be prepared for an additional cost, as the pricing on this site includes our standard turnaround time.

Once the proofs are provided, there may be a set number of allowed changes before there is an additional cost, as with a logo design. If so, this will be described in more detail at the initial discussion. We want our clients to be thrilled with the finished product, but also expect our clients to respect the amount of time it may take to meet their expectations.

Once the final proofs are approved, we will publish your project by internet, CD/DVD, or printing. We work hard to ensure all the requested changes have been made and that the finished product is correct. It is, however, the responsibility of the client to review the final proofs for accuracy BEFORE they are sent to the printer or published. Please make sure to take extra care in reviewing the final proofs!

Mauricio Design has had experience with many printers, web hosts, and other publishing outlets over the years. We will be happy to manage your project through to the final printing, production, or publishing for the best results. Or if you prefer, we can put your designs on CD/DVD and allow you to "shop around." However, we will not be liable for substandard printing, hosting, or publishing that we don't supervise.

Every now and again, a client decides to end a project midway through the design process for various reasons. If this happens, please understand that we will keep the initial deposit and the client will be liable for any additional time spent on the project that the deposit does not cover. Once a project is begun, the client is obligated for the work, even if it is not used.

Many clients have heard horror stories of paying artists large amounts of money but never owning the artwork they have commissioned. While the law does state that the ownership/rights of the artwork remains with the artist, we have never enforced this and prefer for all ownership rights to remain with our clients. Once we have received full payment, expect that the final product, including files and usage, is delivered to you by internet or CD/DVD and all rights are transferred to you, the client. Be aware that in the future, if you need your files again to be sent to various outlets, there will be a charge for our time to recover the files from our archive and prepare transfer.

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